Points of Pride

PARTNERSHIPS: H.A. Brown has partnerships with Public and Private organizations to support a rigorous and diverse curriculum for all learners. Critical partnerships include: Friends of H.A. Brown; H.A. Brown Home & School; School Advisory Council; GEAR Up; Temple University; OIC Philadelphia; BDO; Philadelphia Opera Company; Circle Thrift; PAEP STEAM after-school program; WHYY Grant for Broadcast News Club and Staff Training; and Visitation Homes

Blended Learning Using Chromebooks

Students using Chromebooks during blended learning centers

ENRICHED EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM: Grade 8 students receive Algebra 1 and for free get to take the PSATs. During the school day there are a variety of programs offered: Student Government: Grades 2-8; Choir: Grades 1-8; Art Enrichment: Grades 3-8; Gym Club: Grades 5-8; Yearbook: Grades 7-8; Broadcast News Club: Gr. 5-8; String or Percussion Instrument Lessons: Grades 3-8; Mentally Gifted club: Grades 2-8; Chromebook carts in every Grade 2-8 classroom; shared Chromebook carts for Kindergarten and first grade classrooms; Smart Tables in our oldest autistic support classrooms. Intervention support for all students in every classroom using on-line intervention programs Lexia (Gr. K-4); Achieve 3000 (Gr. 5-8); Number Worlds Digital (Gr. K-1); and RedBird (Gr. 6-8). Every classroom has a mini-lab of computers to support students as well as in interactive board.